Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network

Advocacy and Policy Change

Advocacy is the key element in REAT Network activities. The aim of the organization is to protect religious and ethnic minorities providing legal aid furthermore, ensuring freedom of expression, thought and association. The Network is cornerstone of protection strategies, combining various activities such as information dissemination, early warning system, monitoring and legal aid.

REAT Network works within its national, economic, political and social structure that is directly affecting lives of minorities. Ambition of the network is to transform policies on national level to better protect minorities and to form alliance with national and international network working on issues alike.

Some Pakistani human rights advocates have furthered their cause led by drafting legal and policy amendments, rather than waiting for legislators to take action.  Notable examples include legislation related to domestic violence and workplace harassment.  The same dynamic advocacy is needed to change or repeal blasphemy laws and to amend the Police Order 2002, National Judicial Policy 2009, and other laws and policies that have implications for enforcement of REAT, and especially the rights of religious minorities. The Network aims to:

  • Conduct sustained, coordinated advocacy for legal and policy amendments to establish enforcement mechanisms for promotion and protection of REAT.
  • Carry out Strategic Public Interest Litigation to address REAT violations and to safeguard rights of minorities
  • Establishment of ‘’Minority Rights Commissions at National and Provincial levels’’
  • Political Participation of Minorities in mainstream politic especially at local bodies’ levels (particularly of scheduled castes) by brining change in Political Parties Act

Strategic advocacy that includes drafting legislative amendments and policy briefs for national and provincial legislators and other policy-makers, as well as the follow-up meetings and media campaigns necessary to get such drafts widely discussed, adopted and presented to policy makers at respective forum level. REAT Network, with the help of bar associations, law chambers, lawyers association launch an advocacy campaign to change in the discriminatory provisions of blasphemy laws, discriminatory provisions against minorities in Constitution of Pakistan and involve religious leaders from majority and majority for support for the policy change.

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