Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network


Executive Director/ Director

Name:  Mr. Javed Jabbar
Position:  Head of Organization


General Information

Baanhn Beli is derived from a combination of individual initiatives and institutional support, sharing an exposure to a fascinating part of Pakistan: Tharparkar – a paradox of great beauty and extreme deprivation, of seeming sterility and potential riches.

“The unique and remarkable aspects of Baanhn Beli’s work is that in the years when conditions had deteriorated in Sindh and extreme polarisation had taken place between urban and rural areas, its city-based volunteer members regularly travelled hundreds of kilometres through areas considered very unsafe to sustain contact with village-based members in remote areas and steadily expanded the scope of their work in critically difficult conditions.”

Component A :- Service Delivery

  1. Girls Primary Education to religious minorities and “untouchable “castes Children
  2. Mother and Children Health Care
  3. Infrastructure development
  4. Livelihood Enhancement Provided Technical support to increase assets, productivity and incomes. to improve the livelihood landless formers  through technology transfer improve their livelihoods

Component B :- Awareness raising Advocacy and Research

  1.  Formation  & Consolidation Citizens Action Groups at Constituency  & District Level Engagement with public intuitions, Elected representatives legislatures to make accountable against their mandate related service delivery, policy & legislation
  2. Mobilization of local Community activist youth  on Governance oversight through exercise  Right to Information
  3. Organized Public Debate and campaign on local Govt issues  
    • Demanding, increase in volume of representation, particularly representation of women, workers, peasants and non-Muslims
    • More functions to grass-root level councils;
    • Fiscal decentralization in order to make LGIs sustainable.
  4. Legal Aid and legal literacy Sensitize men women and youth about family laws and enabling them by legal education to promote protect and respect women’s legal (family Laws) and Social political Rights
  5. Radio and women development programme Recording and broadcasting at community level supported by FES 2008-2013 FM Mithi and Mirpurkhas Gender Interview victimized  women,, gender equity, legislation  discrimination find out their solutions in their own voices and views. Voice of the poor, in the form of  real life case studies /real life stories
  6.  Civic & Voter Education Capacity building of local volunteers to observe General & bye election
Works among most deprived segment of rural population A primary focus on empowering women, girls children, religious minorities and “untouchable “castes and the poorest of the poor rural Communities
Contact Us

Head of Organization:- Mr. Javed Jabbar
Designation:- Founding President Baanhn Beli
Contact: - 03002019213
Email:- Javedjabbar.2@gmail.com


Name of  Director:- Younus Bandhani

Contact: – 03332388754


Address :- House # 273 (Khoso Goth Street) Tariq Bin Zeyad Society Malir Halt Karachi


Coordinator  REAT Network / Contact person  Name :- Aslam Panhwar  

Tel :- 03332950775

E mail :-  aslamkh_panhwar@hotmail.com

Address :- Baanhn Beli Office Mirpurkhas  Mirwah old Bus Stand Near Railway Station Mirpurkhas

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