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Be Empowered Through Awareness And Knowledge (BETHAK-PAKISTAN)

Executive Director/ Director

Name:  Francis Jacob
Position:  Director


General Information

The idea of BETHAK-Pakistan was conceptualized by a group of concerned activists and community leaders in October 2004, as non-profitable and Non-Partisan organization that would work for the interest of the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society by building their capacities through awareness, education and skill based development. BETHAK is an acronym of “Be Empowered Through Awareness & Knowledge”. In Punjabi language the word BETHAK is a distinct stratum of society where people sit on a certain place to discuss their plans and lines of action for the development of a society. Founders keeping in view the plight of the marginalized communities in southern Punjab, Pakistan who had lived for a long time under the situation so oppressive that their capacity for critical consciousness had been silenced. These poor people as small farmers, field workers and daily wages workers were intimately forbidden to think for themselves. They had absorbed an attitude of passivity, submission and self deprivation imposed on them by that culture. BETHAK aimed at making these people aware of their position as a group, so that they could unite and work for positive change which demands love and acceptance of all without any distinction of caste and creed.

  • Gender and Women Awareness
  • Human/Minority Rights
  • Social Accountability
  • Peace Building and Conflict Management
  • Democracy & Good Governance
  • Youth Development
  • Education and Social Services
  • Environment Awareness
  • Disaster Management /Emergency Response
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Lively hood




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ED/Directors Contact +92-300-7896630
Office Landline +92-65-2556179
Office Address St # 8, Hostel Road, Khurampura, Colony, Khanewal-58150, Pakistan
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