Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is the one of the core functions of REAT Network and the activities based upon capacity building are geared towardsstrengthening individuals, institutions and society by sensitizing them about their fundamental rights. Furthermore, REAT Network objective is to bolster national authorities, laws and policies to ensure freedoms of its citizens.

Awareness meetings/panel discussions budgeted with elected members of national assembly, provincial assembly and members of senate. The purpose of these meetings are  to enhance the knowledge base of the parliamentarians about minority related issues and specifically issues related to freedom of religion such as Rights of Expression, Association, Assembly and Thought. The network will hold capacity building through workshops, roundtables and seminars involving:

  • Media and journalists (local and national print and electronic media).
  • Law enforcement, the legal profession, and the courts.
  • Civil society (non-governmental, non-political, non-profit groups).
  • Religious and political leaders.

These meetings help us in identifying areas that need to be improved/amended and the same could be brought into discussions during seminars and consultative workshops for further discussions and policy change.

REAT Network’s capacity building activities are based upon four key fundamentals:

  • Civil Society Strengthening
  • Government Institutions Strengthening
  • Partnership
  • Sensitizing and Strengthening Targeted Population

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