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Centre for Peace and Development (CPD) Balochistan

Executive Director/ Director

Name:  Nasrullah
Position:  Executive Director


General Information

Center for Peace and Development (CPD) is an independent, non-government and not-for-profit organization working in Balochistan and Sind. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the general body. CPD’s operations are carried out by a team of professionals through its main and regional offices.

  1. Peace and humans rights
  2. Democracy and governance
  3. Capacity building of civil society organizations
  4. Service Delivery (NRM, Education, Health)
  5. Gender and social mobilization as crosscutting theme

CPD works at following three level at

  • Policy level with policy makers, Legislators
  • Intermediary level with civil society organizations
  • Gross Roots level with Community
Contact Us

ED/Directors Contact +92-300-8383651
Office Landline +92-81 2 832839
Office Address B-5, Phase 2, Shahbaz Town Quetta Balochistan Pakistan
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