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District Development Association Tharparkar (DDAT)

Executive Director/ Director

Name:  Krishan Sharma/strong>
Position:  Executive Director


General Information

DDAT has 20 years experience of public service as a volunteer-led body that maintains a unique bridge of friendship and co-operation between urban Sindh and remote villages of rural areas. The organization works on the basis of service to humanity above all consideration of race, religion, gender or language. A totally de –centralized, grass root based operational structure A primary focus on empowering community including religious minorities and “untouchable” castes, and the poorest of the poor.

Among the organizations that have partnered, and continue to partner, our efforts are Church World Service (CWS) The Morning Star USA , Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh, UNICEF, the Directorate Literacy and Non-Formal Education, Department of Education, Government of Sindh and Community Development Program (CDP) Planning and Development Department (P&DD), Global Partnership for Competence Development and Cooperation (GPCDC), GAVI Alliance, International Organization for Migration (IOM), District Administration, DDMA, NDMA, and PDMA, Oxfam, World Food Program (WFP), World Health Organization (WHO), and groups of philanthropists.

Our financial records are audited each year by one of the country’s leading audit firms. Copies of our audited accounts are published and circulated to all stakeholders.

  1. Protection of Human Rights
  2. Community Development
  3. Political Education
  4. Youth Development
  1. Socially excluded groups,
  2. Women
  3. Youth and Children
Contact Us

ED/Directors Contact +92-335-2189379
Office Landline +92-232-262166, +92-238-571114
Office Address Head Office : Professors Colony, Near Dargah Hussain Shah, Siraan Mithi (W), District Tharparkar, Sindh-69230

Project office : Ward # 311, Near Gareebabad Primary School, Megwar Muhalla Thar Bazar Umerkot

Help Line Number Head Office : Helpline Number is in completing process, DDAT has proposed 03 Numbers including +92-238-571278, +92-238-571276, +92-238, 571114.
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