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Human Rights Focus (HRF) Faisalabad

Executive Director/ Director
Name: Mr. Naveed Walter
Position: President

General Information

Human Right Focus Pakistan (HRFP) a non government organization (NGO) registered under the Pakistan Societies Registration Act 1860 (Reg.No.RJSC/FSD/593). HRFP was established   in 1994 to work for the promotion and protection of human rights with special   focus to religious minorities, women and children. HRFP was founded by the persons belonging from religious minorities who were enthusiastic, dedicated and concerned towards the disturbing situation of human rights in Pakistan. HRFP undertakes advocacy and lobbying initiatives to reduce pattern of discrimination and violation against the minorities and marginalized. HRFP used a right based approach to sensitized, strategized and implement the deprived rights of religious minorities, women’s and children’s. HRFP works for access to Justice by supporting the victims (individuals/groups) through legal assistance with medical, relocation, livelihood and other possible measures.

HRFP is dedicated towards restoring basic human rights & fundamental freedoms of the vulnerable communities’ particularly religious minorities, women, youth & children. HRFP’s intervention is unambiguously focused in the promotion, protection & implementation of social, political, religious & constitutional rights of the less-privileged people.

  • Human Rights
  • Minority Rights
  • Women & Children Rights
  • Provision of  Justice
  • Peace & Interfaith Harmony
  • Religious Minorities
  • Women, Youth, Children
  • Indigenous people
  • Ethnic Minorities

Contact Us

ED/Directors Contact +92-0323-6073577
Office Landline +92-041-8565112
Office Address P.O.Box 295 G.P.O Faisalabad-Pakistan
P.O.Box Number P.O.Box 295, GPO. Faisalabad, Pakistan
Help Line Number 0800-0-9494
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