Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network

Media Projection

“Press freedom is a cornerstone of human rights. It holds governments responsible for their acts, and serves a warning to all that impunity is an illusion.” Kofi Annan

REAT is aimed to follow this theory to disseminate its message of minorities’ rights and empowerment through media so that REAT can cultivate the room for tolerance for minorities in the social strata of Pakistan. For this REAT Network use all the forms of media to communicate message clearly to the target audienceby highlighting REAT’s initiatives on Digital and Social media. Make people aware of the REAT’s initiatives and project activities and which can help the minorities to avoid scuffled situation. Establish REAT’s positioning for minorities through consistent media presence and activation and engaged and interact with the audience through various medium.REAT Network points out the violation of minority rights through early warning system and our partners across the country has established special Helpline numbers to report the violations against Minorities.

REAT Network projects the initiatives through all forms of media

  • Print
  • Electronic (Radio, TV etc.)
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Social Media

REAT Network host workshops on REAT issues with media owners, producers and editors in order to discuss challenges and potential solutions.  With support from these media industry leaders, Networkconduct training sessions for district print and electronic media journalists, aiming at delivering a small number of high-quality investigative reports and features related to human rights violations.  Workshops by REAT Network also encourage media leaders to take favorable editorial positions on issues related to REAT, especially in the context of religious freedoms.

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