Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network


To increase the protection and promotion of rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) including religious freedoms in Pakistan through establishment of Early Warning System and policy advocacy at all levels.

This is achieved by:

  •  providing a platform to likeminded organizations working for the protection and promotion of REAT with specific focus on freedom of religion.
  • building the capacity of citizens, /Civil Society  Organizations and public and private institutions to engage with legislators,  political, religious, private and public institutions at all levels for the promotion and protection of right to expression, assembly, association and thought.
  • developing systems, programs and mechanisms for the protection of right holders, members, victims and Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in terms of their responsiveness to address  REAT violations.
  • advocating for the rights and protection of the religious minorities with all key stakeholders at all levels.
  • connecting with other regional and international networks working on similar issues.

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