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Executive Director/ Director
Name: Ms. Sameena Imtiaz
Position: Executive Director

General Information

Peace, Education And Development (PEAD) Foundation is the national media partner for REAT Network. PEAD has engagements in all forms of media to highlight the issue and persecution of minorities in the country.
PEAD Foundation has managed to engage all forms of media platforms to help facilitate increased awareness of promotion and protection of minority rights.
PEAD Foundation created a concrete liaison with the media organizations, journalists and opinion makers. PEAD Foundation used media extensively and has been able to conduct several TV shows on national TV channels regarding the rights of minorities and has been successful in generating a debate at the policy level and setting a trend to bring behavioral change in the society. PEAD Foundation has also engaged many famous and prominent TV anchors and developed a relation with them to talk about the vulnerability of the situation of minorities in Pakistan.
PEAD Foundation being a national media partner is also conducting a special radio program series on Radio Pakistan FM101 with a brand name show “REAT ki Awaz“. This program is being broadcast every week from five stations i.e. Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar & Quetta simultaneously on the issues of the minorities and the challenges come under way to curb social and legal persecution of the minorities living in Pakistan.
PEAD Foundation has also engaged the print medium to extend REAT Network’s voice to the masses for the Legal and social rights of the minorities living in Pakistan, In this regard PEAD Foundation have managed to get several Op-Ed articles in the leading Urdu and English newspapers. PEAD Foundation has also released several press releases on different incidents which depict the succumbed situation of minorities in Pakistan.
PEAD Foundation has worked with more than 100 journalists across Pakistan for their capacity building through training workshops conducting a series of journalist training workshops under the title of “Covering Minorities” as part of a national campaign to help media personnel highlight the issues of minorities in an accurate and ethical manner while reporting and covering minority issues and persecution.
The objectives of these workshops were;

  • To sensitize journalists on human rights, equality and right to expression, assembly and thought.
  • To highlight ethical issues regarding coverage of minorities in Pakistan and offer insights on how to improve one’s reporting.
  • To discuss the challenges faced by journalists in coverage of minority issues and how to circumvent them.

For these training workshops, PEAD Foundation utilized the expertise of senior journalists for these workshops, including field beat reporters, desk editors from broadcast and print industry. Prior to the workshops, PEAD Foundation developed a journalist training manual which was endorsed by all the provincial level and capital press clubs of the country. This manual is unique in its nature and is first of its kind, solely developed for the capacity building of the journalists for coverage of minorities in the country. The outcome of these capacity building workshops has been positive, highlighting the need of specialized training for beat reporters, with many other press clubs at district levels demanding similar training workshops.

Peace Education And Development (PEAD) Foundation is a non-profit training and advocacy organization. It was founded in 2002, with a commitment to work for promotion of peace, non-violence, democracy and good governance. Since its inception PEAD in collaboration with several partner organizations has been conducting advocacy and training programmes on issues such as peace and non-violence, human rights, civic education, democracy & good governance, etc for various beneficiaries including but are not limited to students, teachers, government officials, religious clerics, political and social representatives, media and other civil-society groups.

This initiative grew out of the realization that the enormity of socio-economic problems, abuse of human rights, violence, ignorance and illiteracy breed a culture where people manifest violent social attitudes and behaviors. Such a situation requires a reinforcement of efforts already underway at the government and non-government levels to help promote and develop peace, social harmony and a sense of mutual coexistence. PEAD essentially develops and implements programs for all segments of the Pakistani society with a view to replace violent attitudes and reactions with cautious and calculated responses to different conflict situations. Youth are given particular importance in PEAD’s programs and they are generally targeted in the educational institutions and in social cluster groups. They are also contacted at many other available forums according to the need and type of the program. All available instruments, tools and forums from individual to group advocacies to using the power of media, are put to an optimal utilization to educate the target communities. PEAD Foundation has directly trained more than 25,000 students between 2002 and 2009.
We aim at promoting skills of peacemaking and peaceful conflict resolution through interactive trainings utilizing educational material and interactive forums to make nonviolent conflict resolution a reality.

Our Vision              

PEAD Foundation’s vision is a peaceful, democratic and sustainable Pakistan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower people for a democratic, tolerant and progressive Pakistan by promoting values of democracy, responsible citizenship and social cohesion.


PEAD Foundation is headquartered in Islamabad with two regional offices in Peshawar and Swat. It also works at the international level by partnering with other organizations and networks.

  • Human rights
  • Peace-building through education and training
  • Youth empowerment.
  • Democracy and governance
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