Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network

Protection and Legal Aid

Though governments guarantee freedom of minorities and rights to all, but at times fail to implement the laws that protect rights of its minorities. Protection of minorities is the core mandate of REAT Network.REAT has a legal aid unit with relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on the need assessment. Voluntary assistance in legal documentation, guidance in matters related to human rights violations, misuse of blasphemy law and any other discrimination against religious minorities will be part and parcel of this Legal Aid and Referral System. The lawyer will provide legal advice, follow up cases and contact other pro bono lawyers for court proceedings and ensure relevant documentation. Legal counseling unit is part of regular services. The Network’s program is based on the following:

  • Protecting human rights defenders as they campaign for redress for victims and expose violations
  • Increasing capacity of minorities to defend and know their legal rights
  • Developing early warning system aimed at reporting of events timely
  • Awareness through education aimed at protection of minorities
  • Promoting laws and legislations that are aimed at preserving minority rights in national law
  • Efforts to stop marginalization of minorities

The REAT Network will develop a sustainability plan putting in place strong referral mechanisms by developing linkages with bar councils, legal clinics and institutions in order to create a sustainable and cost-effective legal counseling program.

Early Warning System Helpline and Referral System

REAT Network established early warning systems in minority population clusters of their respective districts. A committee for early warning system formed with the help and representation of local community which include human rights activist, religious leaders, local police and other law enforcement agencies. The purposes to establish early warning system is to warn minority about any possibility of violence against them and if it happen this committee will act as arbitrator to settle the issue and reduce damages.

The early warning strategyincorporate organizations’ websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter, the use of text messaging alerts in crisis situations, as well as engagement with local media.  Most importantly, early warning systems enable mobilization of local influentials for “political settlement” approaches to conflict resolution before it escalates.

The help line operates 24/7 and in case of any complaint received should immediately referto concern department and guide the victims for next step.


S.No Name Of Organization Location Helpline Number
1 Hujra Village Support Organization HUJRA Swat 0800-90800
2 SEHER SEHER Quetta 0800-99880
3 District Development Association Tharparker DDAT Umerkot 0800-55522
4 Community Development Foundation CDF Jacobabad 0800-00200
5 Human Right Focus Pakistan HRFP Faisalabad 0800-09494
6 Sanjh Preet Organization SPO Nankana Sahib 056-111-111-152
7 Pakistan Lions Youth Council PLYC Khanewal 0800-55786
8 Majlis Tahaffaz Maholiat Sargoda MTM Chiniont 0800-04040
9 Sanjh Preet Organization SPO Lahore 042-111-111-152
10 Civil Society Support Program CSSP Larkana 0800-00900
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