Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network

REAT Secretariat

The Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network secretariat has been established in March 2015 in Islamabad with the aim of providing the coalition with a central body, which liaison, network and connects with various organizations working on a national level for the promotion and protection of equal rights for all, focusing on minorities, as enshrined and envisioned by the REAT Network and guaranteed by the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The secretariat performs the tasks of coordination, media outreach, policy advocacy and central planning to provide the network and its members with critical support.

The Secretariat is governed through nine -member executive council members, working in close interaction with the Secretariat Staff. All Executive Committee Members are members of the REAT Network and our selected/elected by the General body of the Network. This body provides strategic direction and vision to the Network and enjoys all the powers for policy formulation and its effective implementation. It also monitors the execution of the activities through quarterly meetings, time to time review of the functioning of organization, and by paying field visits. This Executive Committee is also a recruiting authority for program implementation and management of the Network.

The list of Executive Council Members are as following

  • Mr. Krishan Lal Sharma (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Sameena Imtiaz (General Secretary)
  • Ms. Sana Durrani (Finance Secretary)
  • Mr. Pervaiz Ahmed (Press Secretary)
  • Mr. Erfaan Hussain Babak
  • Mr. Abdul Wadood
  • Dr. Qiaser Javed
  • Ms. Zahra Jabeen
  • Mr. Mir Nawaz Sundhrani
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