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Executive Director/ Director
Name: Abid Hussain Abid
Position: Chief Executive Officer
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General Information

The Sanjh Preet Organization has been working since 2002 in the areas of education, child protection, and emergency response. The followings are the projects the entity has implemented or being implemented;

  • Protection of Children and Women Rights in Flood affected District of  Rajanpur
  • Protection of Flood affected children and women Project at district Muzaffargarh
  • Addressing  Bonded Labor rights through activation of DVC & DCCWD
  • Distribution of Food and Non Food Items.
  • Adopt a School Program
  • Non Formal Education Centers
  • School Improvement Program
  • Advocacy Campaign all over Punjab for literacy promotion


  1.  Human Rights
  2. Education
  3. Emergency Preparedness and Response
  4. Youth Engagement and Active Citizenship
  5. Women Rights and Development
  6. Child Protection & Child Health

1. Human Rights

Sanjh Preet undertakes strategic interventions to improve human rights situation in the country.These include mainly:

  1. Women rights and their lasting development
  2. Rights of religious and ethnic minorities
  3. Rights of people with special needs and those from marginalized segments of society
  4. Children rights and development

2. Women Rights and Development

Women especially of the rural areas and those who are vulnerable due to economic reasons and lack of skills fall under the direct beneficiaries of the organization. In addition to specific projects on protecting and promoting women rights, Sanjh Preet prioritizes women as special target group in almost all the projects that it undertakes to implement in any of the strategic areas/ districts.

 3. Child Protection & Child Health

The organization will make sure that the child is protected at every cost and all the themes have a build in child protection system to ensure protection at all levels. It will be ensured that rights of all children are equally served by the state through a well-structured child protection mechanism which promises implementation of UN-CRC and allows every child to develop to his/ her full potential and enables communities to provide their basic rights and protect from all kinds of abuses and exploitation.

4. Education:

Right to provide Quality Education to all children without any discrimination through improving access and governance as well as advocating for enhanced education financing is among the organization’s core agenda. The approach blends together all the three including:

  • Demanding rights
  • Distinguishing the rights from needs
  • Assuring supply in accordance with what is demanded.

5. Emergency preparedness & response:

Natural and man-made disasters result in huge damages of human lives and infrastructure. The organization plans to build its strength in this discipline and respond in case any of such disaster occurs. Provision of basic education in emergencies, health facilities, WATSAN, food and shelter as well as building capacities of the public and other sector organizations and departments in responding effectively to such calamities are among the organization’s key programmes.

6. Youth and active citizenship:

Youth will be kept engaged in development practices through voluntarism, building their knowledge base, youth networking and forums, sports and cultural programmes. Through involving youth, citizens will be made active for raising their voices, fighting for rights & justice, becoming agents of change and reforms using multiple ways to practice all this.


The organization particularly works with deprived segments of society (religious minorities, vulnerable children and women, by adopting multi-sectorial development approaches to bring about positive changes which ultimately improve overall living conditions and create positive, peaceful and tolerant environment within the marginalized communities, especially with children, youth and women.

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