Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network

World Council of Religions

Executive Director/ Director
Name: Maulana Muhammad Hanif Jalandhary
Position: Chairman

General Information

The WCR’s sincere hope is that we will reach out with the message of peace and harmony throughout the length and breadth of our country for this purpose. The WCR of course have our Supreme Council which is mainly based upon the Founding members, who dreamt this dream in 2004.
Ever since 2004, this movement has been holding varied events in different cities of the country to promote this cause and bring new awareness about this challenge of our times. During these meetings, religious scholars and followers have joined hands from different schools of thought and religious following. The WCR is also deeply committed to take this message to the nation’s mothers, sisters, and daughters, and also young people of all backgrounds. The WCR want to publically declare and proclaim that we are not a political movement, nor is the agent of some local or international lobby, but the WCR is truly and faithfully walking this road as servants of God and to be Messengers of Hope.
This organization has become a national institution which is registered by the Government of Pakistan after the formal approval of its constitution. A National Secretariat has been established at Lahore where full-time staff is functioning to organize all its activities.
The WCR mainly comprised upon three chapters, i.e. WCR Central, Muslim Chapter and Christian Chapter under which, all the activities were organized. There is a plan (which is in pipeline) to form Provincial Chapters, Women Chapter and Youth Chapter.
Inter Faith & Intra Faith Harmony

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